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Internal communication has changed. In the old days, you could send out an email or publish a newsletter and consider your job done. Not so now.

Today, we know communication isn’t what goes out, but what sinks in. And it’s no longer top-down – the rise of social media put paid to that.

Instead, modern internal communication is about making conversations happen. It’s about recognising that employees have a voice. And it’s a voice worth listening to.

After all, your employees are your greatest source of ideas. They’re also the very people you’re trusting to bring your business strategy to life.

At Water Cooler, we specialise in helping businesses succeed by getting people talking. In helping communicators and their managers frame the conversation in a world where employees expect a say.

The most important conversations in your business aren’t happening in the boardroom. They’re happening around the water cooler.

So talk to Water Cooler today and strike up a conversation at your company.

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