Persuading governments to invest in a new technology





White spaces are an alternative to traditional broadband that could help countries meet the growing demand for affordable internet access. With its large and diverse geography, where traditional broadband is not always possible, Asia Pacific in particular could benefit from adopting white space technology.

Microsoft contacted Water Cooler to create a video that would help them talk to government policy makers, who often have limited technical knowledge of white spaces, without overwhelming technical detail.

The solution: a powerful video that made the complex simple

At Water Cooler, we have a reputation for talking to people like human beings. So sometimes our clients turn to us for help with external projects too – especially when they need to communicate a complex subject to lay people.

For this project, we created a short video that explained what white spaces were, how they worked and – most importantly – why governments should promote them.

The script therefore emphasised the impact of white spaces on people’s lives. For example, they can be used to improve communications in disaster-hit regions or connect remote schools in Africa to the outside world.

The voiceover was supported by colourful graphic images that reinforced the message. These visuals also painted a clear picture of how white space technology actually worked.

The outcome: a clear and persuasive introduction to white spaces

Microsoft employees have a video they can use in presentations to governments, helping them communicate their message about white spaces and making the case in plain language for adopting the new technology.

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