Christmas is going to be a little colder this year

Since 2011, Water Cooler has been an Australian business. During my one-year-in-Australia-that-turned-into-seven-years, I set up Water Cooler and had five fabulous years working with some fantastic clients.

In September, the family and I returned to the UK and I have been busy setting up the UK business, Water Cooler Talk Ltd.

We are still working with our Australian and Asia-Pacific clients. I will continue to oversee all projects, with our existing network of communicators, designers, copywriters and video teams on the ground. We’ve been trialling this very successfully – imagine briefing us at 5pm and having the work back by 9am the next morning.

And we look forward to working with some new clients in the UK, both directly and alongside our existing network of UK associates.

To get in touch: email, web and Skype details remain the same:



Skype: teresa_north

Our new office number is +44 1273 251 533

We’re really excited about expanding Water Cooler to the UK and wish all the best to both our new and existing clients. Go to our website to read more about our services and see some examples of our work.


+44 7397 525 251

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