Creative help with getting your internal network of the ground

Getting help with Yammer or another internal social network is a hot topic for a lot of internal communicators. Often we’re trying to manage on very little budget, not to mention no additional resources.

Well, help is at hand. If you’re about to launch an internal social network or you’re managing one and need some help in getting it off the ground, take a look at the new Business Goes Social toolkit.

The toolkit is the work of Virpi Oinonen. Virpi is a consultant / trainer and also a talented illustrator who has combined her artistic skills with her vast knowledge of internal networks to create a very affordable step-by-step guide to adoption, not to mention a bank of fantastic cartoons that can be used in all of your communication and training materials.

There are two packages on offer. Kickstart will give you 3 coaching calls, a step-by-step adoption manual and email support. In addition, you’ll get PPT templates, cartoons, check lists, videos and Virpi’s book, Internal Social Networks The Smart Way.

If you don’t have the budget for Kickstart, you can opt for Materials Bank and receive the materials without the phone support but with unlimited use.

The cartoons are fantastic and the book is a very thorough guide making both products very reasonably priced.

To find out more, visit the Business Goes Social website.

We love working on internal networks at Water Cooler, so if you need more hands-on advice, please get in touch. For an example of how we helped a financial service client launch Yammer, check out this case study.


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