Job: Employee Communications Manager, Microsoft Australia

This role is now closed.

Great opportunity for a passionate employee communications professional in a fast-paced, dynamic environment with activity-based working facilities.

About You
If you are a natural storyteller who is driven by creativity and think you have what it takes to engage audiences in new and interesting ways, talk to us. We are looking for someone who is passionate about inspiring employees through innovative communications and experiences, showcasing the power of ‘s technology and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

This role will require an ability to forge strong partnerships at all levels across the business and with our agencies and vendors. To thrive in this fast-paced, dynamic environment, you understand that great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone, and be able to harness the power of a diverse team to make the dream a reality. We are looking for a leader who is authentic. Someone who also listens to, and learns from others, and believes in having fun at work.

Finally, flexibility, curiosity, and multi-tasking are key given the ever-evolving nature of who we are and what we do.

About Us
We live in a big, beautiful, complex world that’s changing all the time. At Microsoft, we’re changing too. We have a new CEO, a new way of thinking and working, and new opportunities that call for radical new approaches. We’re moving fast, but remain focused on what matters. And what matters is people. Empowering people to do more, to be more, and to live more of the life they want to live.

We also believe in creating a bright future for Australia by unlocking the creativity and smarts of all Australians. Through our partnerships, we focus on impact and improving connections within our nation’s innovation ecosystem to create a better environment for all Australians to innovate.

For breadth of perspective, there is no better place than Marketing & Operations. We play a unique role, shifting seamlessly between focussing on the future and managing the present. Our impact is broad: we look at why Microsoft Australia exists, the impact we have on the nation, how we transform our customers’ experience, and create demand for our products and services. We have depth of business acumen, build business strategies leveraging our global vision, and create the plans which underpin our investment and resource decisions.

We lead across the full breadth of the business.

Our story today is stronger than it ever has been, and the opportunity for our customers – and for our people – is truly great. For empowerment, for challenge, for mobility, and for curiosity – there is no other place like Microsoft.

We believe that work is a thing you do – not a place you go. You’re smart. We trust you.

We believe in thinking big and being bold. We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere. That one idea can spark other better ideas. We’re making new things, breaking them and rebuilding. We’ll ask that you not be afraid to fail, but that you learn something when you do.

And, most importantly, we’ll ask you that you work on things that make a difference. To you, to us and to the world. Because that’s what coming to work at Microsoft is all about.

You in? If so, you can apply for the role here:

This role is hired initially as a 24 month contract. We can offer a flexible working day based in our award winning office, using state of the art, activity based working facilities. The role is based in our North Ryde office, close to North Ryde station with great transport and road links.


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