Let the word do the work (from Daily Writing Tips)

One of my favourite writing resources is Daily Writing Tips.  Each morning I look forward to learning something or being reminded of a mistake I should avoid.

I often want to share the tips on my blog but recently one particularly stood out as rife in the corporate world: not to bolster a word with a word that replicates its meaning.

Doing so ‘weakens the expressiveness of language’ and should best be avoided.

Here are some examples from Daily Writing Tips:

  • progress forward
  • forests of trees
  • other alternatives
  • continue on
  • evacuated out
  • regress back
  • penetrate through
  • speeding too fast
  • refinanced again
  • a human person
  • charred black
  • a baby nursery
  • reiterate again
  • fast forward ahead
  • socialize together
  • two twin towers

Can you think of any others? Pre-brief is one I’m hearing a lot at the moment. Makes me cringe every time.

Daily Writing Tips is a useful resource for any corporate communicator. As well the daily tips, there are also exercises for you to test your knowledge. It is American, so you have to watch out for British and Australian differences – but they’re often pointed out.

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