You’ve lost your job. Just kidding!

It’s hard to believe that this story is true, but according to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade announced to 30 ‘low-ranking’ public servants at the Australian Passport Office that their jobs were being outsourced – as an April Fools’ prank.

The announcement was displayed on a screen for five hours with workers only finding out it was a joke around 2pm. Here’s what it said:

‘The APO production network is undergoing substantial technological changes leading to huge centralisation opportunities. The Bulk Scanning Service (Scan, DV, CROP, Client follow-up) will be introduced to an outsourced provider in Port Melbourne and Parramatta mid-year and there are property leases expiring in Perth and Sydney. There is excess space in our Melbourne office. As a result of all this, the CREC’s ELLO capacity will be moved to Melbourne later this year. Advertisements for ELLO positions will be released soon.’

You can read the full story here.

Sounds like someone at the APO really does need to lose their job. Do you have any other horror stories about announcing job losses?


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